27 June 2007

some pictures from the east coast trip

i took quite a few pictures on this trip and some of them have already been seen on my regular blog. but this is kind of the overflow room for my pictures. these pictures don't have people in them.

cannon overlooking a battlefield in gettysburg

some kind of spiny art thing outside the air and space museum in d.c.

the inside of a clock tower, with the sun shining through

view of washington monument, from the side of jefferson memorial

the rather photogenic oval stairway inside the supreme court building

cross-section of the rotunda in the capitol

the center of the same rotunda

a cool quote in the library of congress

also the library of congress (i like all the sparkling light in this one)

and what would a d.c. trip be without a visit to the national aquarium? (actually it would be just fine...the "national" attachment to the term "aquarium" does not denote the coolest or largest aquarium in the nation.) here are some mollusks, one of the weirdest and grossest things there.

so that's it for now. i'll have some Peru pics coming soon. thanks for looking!