26 November 2010

Introducing Gift Certificates (& how Nikki doesn't like Black Friday)

I feel I should clarify that even though I'm writing this on Black Friday, I actually don't love the idea of the Christmas season being ushered in by pushing and shoving and spending yourself into a coma. If it weren't for the prospect of scoring some long-desired camera equipment for a great price, I'd actually be observing "Buy Nothing Day."

Still, I know the vast majority of people give gifts to those they cherish, which in most cases they must purchase, and I'm definitely not against that. I love to give meaningful, special things (which are rarely found at the mall, with its garish, superficial, made-in-china sort of energy).  So after a fair bit of inner turmoil, I decided to publish this blog on Black Friday anyways.  Not in any way to honor (or worse, try and capitalize upon) the spending sprees of Black Friday, but simply because I just finished it, and can't wait any longer.  :)

So without further adieu, I'm pleased to introduce something that would truly make a meaningful, special and long-lasting present: a gift certificate for the photography services of yours truly.  (Isn't it pretty??)
You can choose any denomination you like. The certificate, as it says, is good for products and services -- so your lucky recipient can use it towards a photo shoot as well as books, prints, cards, full-resolution images...anything I offer.  The certificate is good for one year from purchase.  It's printed on thick paper, comes in a nice square envelope, and will be mailed to you (in a separate envelope) at no charge, ready to be gifted!

You can purchase gift certificates through me directly. Click here to email nikki moore photography, or give me a call at 402-882-1066.  I'll get your info and let you know where to send your check.

So if you've decided to stay home from the malls today (like me), that's totally okay. And guess what: if you've decided to observe Buy Nothing Day yourself...it'll be here tomorrow too. :)

16 November 2010

"Preview" of the Lyon Family shoot!

I had a busy weekend last week, if you couldn't tell! The amazing weather has held out long enough to get a good number of photo shoots in.  Justin and I know Josh and Amy Lyon, and their adorable kids Max and Ruby, from the little white church we all attend.  I really had my work cut out for me, choosing photographs for this blog...it was an impossible task, because they are such a precious family, and their happiness and love really is evident in every photo. That's why it was hard to call this a "preview"...I should just link to the full gallery! (Thanks, Josh and Amy, for having me take these photos - it was a lot of fun!)

[Click on any photo to see it LARGER.]

15 November 2010

You know that time called the golden hour?

I think I found it.

The beautiful Koehler sisters asked me to take these photos for a gift to their parents...a gift the parents don't know about yet!  This shoot yielded some of the most beautiful photos I think I've taken. It's all about the light. Really.

(This is also what happens when you trust your photographer that even though Nebraska is playing, the best photos still happen right before sunset!) ;)

More photos from this shoot to come...oh yes, they will come...can't wait to show you! Thanks for looking!

10 November 2010

the Francks! Outdoor Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

[Yep, we took a band photo.] 

Anyone else stunned by this beautiful November weather?  I really can't believe how mild and pleasant it's been -- for any month out of the year, especially weeks away from Thanksgiving! Fortunately, business thrives when the thermometer stays at a pleasant level - so I drove down to Pioneers Park about a hundred times last week (okay, maybe more like five?).  Every day has been simply gorgeous. I'm always awestruck by these gifts God gives us - beauty, warmth, spectacular sunsets.  All in all, it's been amazing photography weather!  The Franck family took advantage of one such gorgeous evening to have some family photos taken.  We were shooting during the Nebraska game, but fortunately, I was able to keep track of the score because every time there was a lull in the shooting, the guys would whip out their phones and update us all on Husker game statistics.  (Which is usually the way it goes!)

04 November 2010

Senior Photography - my little brother!

I'm so proud of my youngest brother Josh! He'll be graduating from high school next year. The same little brother who used to beg us to tie him to the piano (and then complain to Mom later).  He's a great basketball player and a truly kindhearted person. And he can quote basketball stats like nobody's business. So here's to you, Josh. I hope nobody ties you to pianos in college.