22 April 2010

Brendan & Meredith at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska

Last week took me to the Sunken Gardens for a photo shoot with two beautiful toddler cousins, Brendan and Meredith.  The occasion: they both fit in homemade outfits that had been made for their mothers when the mothers were toddlers! So their moms wanted some photos to celebrate the next generation of awesome-sailor-outfit-wearers. (The photo above is probably my favorite. I just can't stop looking into her eyes.)

09 April 2010

Photography Developments (Pun Very Much Intended)

The times, they are a-changing!

In the next few months I hope to unveil a dedicated website for all of my photography, including this auspicious blog.  This has been a plan of mine for quite some time, and I am just now beginning to actually do real research and development.  I am very excited about it. I will be able to showcase my "people" photos, like engagements, weddings and senior portraits (I hate using the word "portrait" because it sounds like I have a stuffy, frumpy studio with fake backgrounds on rollers).  And, on this same website, I am planning to sell my art prints as I do now in my Etsy shop.  I can see your panic now: will my Etsy store go away?  Fear not. At this point, it's my plan to convert it into a dedicated vintage shop, rather than having photography and vintage together. But under my new "road map" (sorry, I've been around politicians too long), all my work--events, people, art, blog--will be in one place. A beautiful, glorious place.

In other news, I am going to get a new camera. Soon. Maybe not soon.

Right now I'm looking at the Canon 7D.  Eventually I'll hopefully be able to justify a full-frame splurge, but until then, the 7D seems like the obvious choice for better performance than I have now. And who am I kidding?  My XTi does its job pretty darn well. Let there be no doubt: it has been a wonderful first "serious" camera, especially given the quality lens I've been able to pair it with (as a gift from my husband and parents). We'll see whether I can wait the entire summer before making this large purchase.  Part of the fun of a new treasure, though, is the anticipation and the wait. 

So, keep your eyes peeled. 'Cause everyone loves the idea of peeled eyes.

01 April 2010

Food Photography

Having recently been approached about a chance to do some food photography, I've decided to choose a few of the food photos I have laying around my computer, and put them here for all to see. :)  You may have seen one or two of them before...otherwise, they're all fresh.  I love that colorful, bright, vivid food--the stuff that's easy on the eyes--is almost always the healthiest.