23 December 2009

Sisters! Family Portraits in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska

This was my first shoot of this sort! A classmate asked me to take some fun photos of her and her two sisters, as kind of a gift to their parents for Christmas. Fun! We went to the Haymarket and train station in Lincoln and wandered around the area a bit before exploring the Creamery building.  The weather was very warm (yay!) and the snow was melting, so I wore my rubber rain boots so I could sludge around in the muddy slop without worrying about my feet.

02 December 2009

a public service announcement

I'm taking a break from photos to tell you about something really important. This has been on my mind and heart for several months now, and I want to share it with you, and show you how you can help! :)

Every year, many hundreds or thousands of Nepalese girls are kidnapped or tricked into traveling to India. Some are "married" with the promise of a better life. When they arrive in India they are sold into sex shops where their lives are beyond miserable. If they don't die in the brothels, they are thrown onto the streets. The girls who do make it home are rejected by their families and communities. They have little hope for life beyond the brothels.

100% of my photography proceeds until the end of the year will be given to the Princess Home, a Christian rehabilitation center for young women rescued from the extensive sex-trafficking network of Nepal and India. These women receive care and job training...they are given hope for a new and better life. The organization also works to stop sex slavery, focusing on freeing women before they even cross the border into India. Read all about the Princess Home and their parent organization, Tiny Hands International, here: http://bit.ly/1Ok6lT Looking through the photos and stories of these girls, and the hope that the Princess Home gives to them, it is hard not to be affected.

During this holiday season, please consider purchasing artwork to benefit a much larger cause. The stakes are high, and
it does not take much money to completely change another person's life. Tiny Hands estimates that it only takes $10 to stop one woman from being enslaved.

If you're thinking about buying art for someone this Christmas, consider buying from my Etsy shop! Thanks for reading!