19 December 2007

icy glory

ok, so today we do have two pictures. there was this incredible little icicle mass outside our front door the other day and i took many pictures of it. both of these pictures were taken within seconds of each other, but the second one has a longer exposure. the first one reminds me of gotham city; the second, a chandelier. :)

13 December 2007


the sunshine falling on rachel and the piano as she practices.

11 December 2007

inside the barn

This is a three-shot HDR image of the inside of the barn (the one in the last post). It was almost pitch-black to the naked eye.

This is probably the most I've ever "set up" a particular shot. I had a tripod and remote, and had researched the method and camera settings. They say good photos don't happen by accident. I still disagree to an extent, but I'm definitely coming to understand the value of intentionality and foresight when it comes to good photography.

01 December 2007

some of us drove to northern minnesota this past weekend. we visited my grandparents' farm. this is their barn and some wood that grandpa cut and bundled. he will plane it into lumber soon. i tried to make this picture look kind of old...