24 March 2009

Back from a deep hole of school and wedding planning!

I've decided I'd like to keep this blog somewhat active - especially since I've decided to start promoting my Etsy site more. I made my second sale on that site today - very encouraging! I've also had a few family members and friends buy some prints, which is a huge blessing and encouragement to me.

My brother is getting married in June. He and his fiancee asked me to take their engagement photos. Not that I'm super experienced or anything, but it promises to be fun once the weather starts cooperating. I had one print done at Walgreens (I know, the true mark of a professional) just so we could see the coloring and stuff in print (computer screens are deceiving). We had some trouble picking it up because the Walgreens employees thought we were trying to illegally reproduce photos taken by a professional. I showed the apathetic employee my drivers' license, he was like "whatever" and made me sign a copyright release. So weird. But he said, in a bland, 18-year-old-making-$6-an-hour tone, "your pictures are kinda good, maybe you should be a photographer." You never know when a trip to the drugstore will enlighten you to your true purpose in life. A call to excellence from a bored Walgreens employee should never be taken lightly.