28 January 2011

Introducing the adorable Paisley Sue! Baby Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Everyone knows there are only a few things cuter than a sleeping baby.  This sleeping baby has a beautiful name, Paisley Sue, and she's just as sweet as a baby can be! She only slept for a few minutes, but we got some precious photographs during that time!

17 January 2011

The Beautiful Koehler Sisters - Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

This shoot occurred a few months back, and you might recall a wee preview (because I couldn't help myself), but as these photos were meant for their parents' Christmas gift, I had to keep them to myself!  (As far as 'posed' portraits go, the one above has to be one of my absolute favorites.)

If there's such thing as the perfect shoot, this came pretty close. Five gorgeous sisters, who clearly loved being with one another, who not only didn't mind being in front of my camera, but were vying for the camera's attention, and (can you tell?) LOVED to have fun? At the perfect time of day, one of the most lovely "golden hours" I've seen? Sign me up! Thanks, Koehlers -- I really did have a blast!

01 January 2011

Grant Christopher -- Baby Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

I was so excited to take baby Grant's photos! The first time I showed up, he was a little fussy and we tried valiantly to calm him down, but he would have none of it.  A week or two later, I returned for a second attempt.  All the pieces came together and Grant was mellow and chill.  It's a great feeling to walk away from a shoot and know you got some wonderful images...especially when the first shoot didn't go as planned!

I seem to have taken an abundant number of photographs of Grant's little feet. (But, can you blame me? They're adorable.)  Beginner's mistakes, perhaps...this was my very first infant photo shoot! I've learned a lot already and can't wait to do more baby photography in the future.

Codi and Kyle, you'll receive your finished photos in the mail this week!