09 October 2007

today's picture is brought to you courtesy of the blue Morpho butterfly carcass that i purchased in Peru. it's one of the most beautiful things i own, and is accordingly one of my favorite possessions. i only hesitate to photograph it because it's difficult to do the butterfly justice. this butterfly is graceful and dramatic at the same time, like a ballet; and it's hard to capture movement and grace in a still photo. (also, the butterfly, being 100% dead, is as movement-free as they come.) anyways, the darkened background is the only adjustment i used... those glorious colors are 100% genuine. :)

05 October 2007

happy fall!

i've decided that from now on, i'm only going to post one or two pictures at a time, because when there's only one photo, it has to have enough picture goodness all on its own without depending on anything else. hopefully this will help me to be more aware of which pictures are the better ones...because it is a huge challenge to only choose one picture instead of putting up my favorite 10 or 15. oh yeah, and since this'll give me plenty more pictures to choose from, i'll hopefully be updating much more often. this is also the last facebook picture. thanks for looking!