15 April 2009

recent victories and some other cool things (and Not My Art!)

I just found out I am going to shoot my first paid wedding. I'll be doing like behind the scenes stuff, not posing people but just shooting what I see, making beautiful pictures. :) I haven't always been super excited about wedding photography, because it seems like weddings are almost all the basically same thing, but being given creative license is enough that I am pretty stoked.

I also have my first photo shoot next week with the music school here on campus! I'll be taking pictures of the wind ensemble as they rehearse, and eventually I'll be shooting a lot more events like concerts and such. Again, the creative license makes it fun - they don't want poses but they want more abstract, artsy stuff they can use for their website, brochures and other recruiting materials. Yes, I can do that.

Hmm, this has been kind of braggy today. So let me end with giving you some cool links to look at that aren't MY stuff. :)  Not all photography, but just cool things I've saved in my favorites on Etsy.

"reading the stars" cross stitch (not your mom's samplers) - by miniaturehino

i really love these because they are so different than everyday cross stitch patterns. the gray fabric really sets it apart. this artist has a lot of other awesome things too so check it out!

some awesome earrings that remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright - by taylorseclectic

there are countless unique jewelry items in this shop, run by a very nice person who has promoted my art in the past. many of the things look like stained glass - so beautiful.

glasses made from old wine bottles - by bodhicitta

super creative way to recycle old glass and look very cool in the process. :) i love how they're all different colors!

"the bird has flown" - by irenesuchocki

this was one of my first favorite things when i signed up on Etsy - there are so many cool photographs in this shop it was hard to pick one! they all have that cool grungy, vintage-ey feel.

09 April 2009

a gallery and a philosophy

I've never had any of my photos for sale in any sort of "bricks-and-mortar" shop. My workplace is partly a gallery, and a while ago I was told I could hang some things there. But then it was decided that our store will no longer be a gallery and just concentrate on framing. This is a good decision for the store - but a teensy bit disappointing for me! :) It really made me nervous to think about hanging things up for the public to see (and potentially reject) though. I know art is different to everyone, and people are drawn to different things in art. But someone I don't know if I'm up for the possibility of no one liking it enough to buy it.