15 November 2009

Engagement Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska: Jim & Kelsey!

These are pictures of my brother and his now-wife, Jim and Kelsey. I took these shots back in March, as soon as it was (barely) warm enough to spend time outside. It was actually my first time doing engagement pictures, and looking back I wish I'd have done a lot of things differently. I didn't have a lot of creativity in the poses and prompts that I've become at least a little better at recently. Everything is a lesson, right?

The bench they're sitting on for some of the shots is the exact place they got engaged. :) It's in a park not too far from my parents' house.

13 November 2009

discovering why i take pictures

I have a wonderful husband. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself. (And sometimes he doesn't have a clue, but for that I can't blame him in the least...I confuse myself sometimes.)

He came in just now, after I wrote that first sentence. :)

Anyways, lately, I've been frustrated with where I am in my, I guess I can say, photographic journey. Or something like that. Basically, I've been taking my camera out, and don't see things to photograph. I feel really blank and uninspired. Does it have something to do with trying to sell my art? Probably. But the observation my insightful husband offered was this: My pictures are a kind of story of my life, in that I don't usually go out to take pictures, but I take my camera with me, and photograph what I see while I'm doing life. Most of my great photos have been taken while I was there doing something else.