28 December 2010

Introducing the Kennedy Family! -- Photography in Milford, Nebraska

The weekend before Christmas I had the privilege of taking photos of the Kennedy family -- Randy, Rhonda, and their four children, Sam, Katie, Sarah and Anna. I met Randy and Rhonda several years ago, and have gotten to know them again as they started attending the same church Justin and I go to.

I was really loving this monochrome color as I processed and edited the photographs.  As I sorted my choices for the blog, I realized most of my top favorites for the blog had this toning! So I decided to show you only the monochrome ones.  To be sure, the Kennedys will be receiving many photographs in full color -- I'm not going all monochrome on you guys. But for something a little different, I really love this color right now. It worked so well with the wooden floors, and the light texture of knit sweaters...and it also emphasized all those bright cheery eyes!

This is little Anna. She is very new and wasn't too keen on being out of Mom's arms. We didn't as many photos of her as we'd hoped, but the few we did capture are precious.

17 December 2010

Tips for Successful Cold-Weather Portrait Shoots - Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Maybe you're thinking that since winter's here, you have to wait until spring to have your portraits done.  This is not the case! We have lots of choices! First of all, we can take photos indoors, like at your home -- which often works better for small children. (I'll be writing about home photos sometime soon!) But I don't think we should discount winter outdoor photography either! (Not to mention I always love shooting outside the best.)  It does have its challenges, but as long as we have a plan, we can have a really beautiful and unique shoot. 

Here are some things to consider if you're considering having outdoor portraits taken this winter...or if you thought it could never work!

03 December 2010

The Johnson's Christmas Card Design - Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the (very photogenic) Johnson family! Diane is a coworker of mine and a great friend as well. I'm planning to get some of their family photos up in a post of their own, but for now I wanted to show you the card I designed for them.

Diane had the idea to incorporate some barbed wire. We took this photo in front of a feed yard full of cows cattle heifers so it the rustic/ranch feel was very appropriate! She wanted a one-sided design, in the 4x8 size, so people could cut off the greeting if they wanted, and have a regular print of the family! I designed the card from scratch, and she will be ordering/printing it at a site of her choosing.

So...it's not too late for Christmas cards! ;)  If you've already had a family shoot this year, I can whip something up for you too, in just a couple of days!  You can also check out a few designs, and some super fancy cards, here at my blog about Christmas Cards.  And if you're a little behind...people like to get New Years' cards too. :)

I promise soon I'll share the rest of the Johnson family shoot! For now, though...Justin and I are off this weekend to cheer for the Huskers in the Big XII Championship game! (Go Big Red!)