28 September 2010

New gallery + new stuff for my awesome clients.

Did you know that my clients get a private online gallery of their images, included with every photo shoot?  And these are the edited photos, not 'proofs'! It's actually always been that way, but I'm always looking for new stuff to give my clients...and I now have a brand new, much-improved, and generally awesome site to showcase those client galleries!  Click here to see a sample gallery.  This one, hosted by the wonderful Zenfolio, is designed to look like my main photography website, and it's better in so many ways than the one I started out with. You can save your favorites (and sets of favorites!), comment on photos, view slideshows, and easily navigate the galleries. And the photos truly look their best. In short, it's a vast improvement over the old site.

The really cool thing about this is, my clients now have the ability not only to order regular prints through their gallery (which they could in the old site) but other sweet stuff like:
  • Matte and metallic-finish prints in lots o' sizes
  • Canvas gallery wraps
  • Postage stamps
  • Foam core and board print backing
  • Lustre UV protection print coating
  • Puzzles
  • Coasters
  • Single-page calendars
Plus, you can also browse 120+ styles of card designs! These cards are modern, very cool, and most importantly, nothing like those awful 1990s themes you'll find at a Walgreens kiosk. And the cards are sold individually, not in sets of 50,000. So you can mix up the designs for variety, and only get as many as you need. And, now you won't have to send the same Christmas card next year because you had too many this year...and no more wishing your child would repeat senior year so you can use up the rest of their graduation announcements. Just look at all the problems I'm solving here. You can get:
  • Christmas cards
  • Graduation announcements 
  • Thank-you cards
  • Baby announcements
  • Just Married cards
With this new gallery site, it's easier to get the most out of your photo shoot. You don't have to take your files someplace else to browse their offerings -- you can do it all right through your own gallery. Every shoot includes this awesome gallery, as well as cards to hand out to your friends and family, so they can see your photos too!

So...is your family sending out Christmas cards this year? Are you graduating high school next spring? The trees are about to change into their autumn attire! This is a great time to get family or graduation photos taken, and now you have the perfect way to get your cards printed up quickly, easily, and painlessly.  Forget the boring studio shots with the fake backgrounds, and let's get out there and make some real art.

Check out a sample gallery to see the variety of products available, and don't forget to leave a comment in the guest book!

23 September 2010

Justin, Laura and Olivia! Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Today's blog is brought to you by Justin, Laura and their gorgeous daughter Olivia!  I really enjoyed taking these photos! Justin and Laura are friends of ours (my husband Justin works with Justin :) so it was really a privilege to spend some close time with their family.  We took all the photos at their home, in the living room, Olivia's room, and in the backyard.  

17 September 2010

Mike and Jill's Wedding Photos in Lincoln, Nebraska

You might recall seeing Mike and Jill's engagement photographs back in June! Well, they got married, as engaged folks tend to do these days, and I got to tag along the whole day (with my camera of course).  This couple was very sincere, and they made me feel like a good friend on their big day.

Hope it's acceptable to have so many clothing/accessory photos (more below)! Jill loved her gown, shoes, hairpiece, and jewelry, and asked me to photograph them all. Which I did, quite willingly! I adore these little detail shots. 

14 September 2010

Renewal of Wedding Vows - my awesome parents!

I am so proud of my parents.  A couple of weeks ago they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary! In honor of their "27 on 27," they renewed their marriage promises to each other in a small, intimate ceremony.  A pastor from their church said a few words, and then everyone ate cake and fruit. It was simple and meaningful.  My parents are an amazing example of what marriage -- commitment, sacrifice, loyalty, love -- should, and can, be.  So here's to you, Mom and Dad - I've said it before, but I am SO thankful for the lessons you've taught us, just by living your lives.

They didn't exactly set aside a lot of time for photos, so I got them to 'pose' just a few minutes before the guests showed up. Don't I have great-looking parents?? My mom is just gorgeous...

10 September 2010

Erik and Molly's Wedding Photos at Lincoln's State Capitol

I'm so excited to show you these photos from Molly and Erik's recent wedding in the Rotunda of the State Capitol! Molly and I both work in this beautiful building.  The Rotunda is an awe-inspiring place to be married. Not unlike a those of a church, the towering ceiling and sandy stone walls evoke somber and weighty thoughts.  
The light poured in from hundreds of feet above as Erik and Molly's small group of family and close friends surrounded them.  Their ceremony was brief, intimate and very meaningful.

09 September 2010

My Website Is Official!

I am pleased to announce that my photography website, nikkimoorephotography.com, is now up and running! I am SO thrilled to have it finished and 'out there'!  Go ahead, take a look, I'll still be here when you get back. 
Did you like it? Another thing: I must really be a professional now, because I've got a Facebook fan page! :) If you want to 'like' me on Facebook (I feel like I'm in junior high...do you like me? choose yes or no), I'd...like that. :) There's also a handy little box on the sidebar of this blog.  UPDATE: Now you can 'like' each post individually...the Like button shows up at the end of each post.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments, encouragement and support!  I've got a lot done so far, but there is so much left to do. Photography is my true passion, and I'm so lucky that I get to make it my job too.

03 September 2010

Context vs. Details - photography musings

Something I've been pondering lately is the balance in photography between capturing details of a given event, like intricate embroidery on a wedding gown, and seeing more context, like that gown hanging next to a group of bridesmaids primping at the mirror. Each type of photograph has its own strengths. But something I'm learning is that you need to have both, if you want to truly tell a story and help others visualize, or remember, the event.

When I first started on my photography journey, my photos were almost all details. This is because my emphasis was on bringing out the unnoticed and forgotten details of the world. If I could make someone amazed at the texture of a little leaf from their own garden, for example, I'd done my job. My perspective was tiny and focused: to diminish the context so little worlds of beauty could really shine.