30 October 2010

Three Awesome Photo Books

Photographs are wonderful, aren't they? I sure think so. And I do think it's nice to have them on your computer, but it's even nicer to have them as real photographs, especially something like a book or album.  We all exist in a Facebook sort of world, where most images never become anything except pixels and data.  But when a set of photographs is presented in a tangible, physical way, those images become that much more meaningful and special.

So I've selected and designed three different (and awesome) ways to get your photos off the screen and into your hands: 3x3 Accordion Books, 5x5 Leather Lay Flat Press Books, and 10x10 Premium Lay Flat Albums.  These make really great gifts! Give me a call at 402-882-1066 if you're interested!

Oh, and if yours was one of the shoots featured in these designs...you can take 10% off any of the exact products below.

Click on photos to see them larger...

3x3 Accordion Books, $90 for three
Accordions are great little gifties, and they fit perfectly in a purse or pocket.

Details: Double sided foldout books, 3x3 when folded. Includes frosted nylon protective cases (not shown). The thick, sturdy covers are available with fabric covers in your choice of colors, or in smooth or metallic finish. The inner pages can have smooth, watercolor, pearl or linen finish (all these have linen paper with smooth covers).  Each accordion will use about ten photos.  You get three of the same books for $90. Three different designs are shown, but others are available - just ask!

I'll let the photos do the talking...

20 October 2010

sneakity peakity -- some more lovely family photography!

I learned a valuable lesson this Sunday. At least, I added something else to consider when planning shoots. I don't know where I'd go to find this out, probably the paper and the news and the radio, but this past Sunday was the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at Holmes Lake. I don't know how many thousands of people had to have been at the park, but I was late to the shoot partly because of the crazy traffic. Thankfully the south shore of the lake was less full of pink-shirted power walkers than the north. But by the time we left, it was filling up too!  I'm thankful our timing, while less than perfect, didn't totally wreck the day.  This wasn't a shoot we could reschedule, so I'm glad it worked out!

 Pretty good lookin' family, wouldn't you say? :)

These kids were quite the charmers. In case you couldn't tell. 

14 October 2010


So lately I've kinda fallen in love with photo cards. (I know,  I know, it's early, but we've gotta start thinking about these things!) Not just cards that print out on a one sided rectangle at a Walmart kiosk, but some seriously hip cards to send out at Christmas.  I've designed these cards (some with help from the Omaha-based Gradybug Designs) just in time for the upcoming holiday postal merriment.

These design below are but a few configurations of what I can do! I can rework them with different colors, fonts, text (of course), even sometimes different shapes. I've kept the text at a minimum on these samples, but I can include whatever you'd like.

Oh yeah...this is just good news all around...these cards ALL come with a properly sized envelope, and it's pre-printed with your return address on the front or back. A pretty sweet time-saver if you ask me! They are all printed double sided, and one even has room on the back for some of that holiday note-writing business.  The circle design can even have a hole punched in the top, so it can be a Christmas tree decoration!  They come in a few paper types: pearl, linen, smooth and watercolor. You can also add a high gloss finish which is really neat looking. I have samples of every kind and I'd love to show them to you!

If you've had your photos taken with me in the past, then all you have to do is choose a design, photo(s) and how many you want.  (Oh, I haven't taken your photos? Better get in touch with me soon!) There's a small minimum order of 25, and prices are 2.75-3.50 apiece for the first 25, and take a dollar off the for each one after that! (So...if you want 50 cards, at the higher price for a die cut [fancy edged] design would be 87.50 [for the first 25] plus 62.50 [for 25 more]=$150 total.)

As you'll see, these cards aren't Christmas-centric either...I can easily make them into baby announcements, "we've moved" cards, senior open house announcements, save the date cards...anything you can come up with.

Front sides of the cards are on the left, backs are on the right!  (Outlines won't show up on cards...they're just there to show you where the edges are.) Click to see a larger version.

11 October 2010

Sneak Peek: Joy, Class of 2011! Senior Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

The evening of Joy's senior photos couldn't have been more beautiful...and neither could she! :) More photos will come in a later post...but here are a couple of my favorites from our session.  Thanks for a great shoot, Joy!

07 October 2010

The McMasters! Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Meet the beautiful McMasters family! Steve, Andrea and their two gorgeous daughters had their family photos taken a couple of weeks ago.  Do you recognize the place?  I took some engagement photos here this spring.  It's my secret, beautiful, perfect place. It makes my soul sing just a little louder.  I think maybe Justin and I should have a picnic here sometime soon.
 This little gal, Erin, really loved the camera and never missed a chance to be in front of it! I could tell within about five seconds of meeting her that she was a performer at heart!