28 December 2008

new photos?

I need to post more often. I constantly find new photographs on my computer that I can ready for online debut in a matter of minutes...which is handy when I don't have time to take any new pictures. Hopefully I can get motivated to create some new art - but this year I've hardly taken any new photos of the wintry loveliness (that I hate driving in). I have, though, found some great winter oldies from last year's photo stash that I can share with you now.

This year's family Christmas present-opening photos were, for the most part, just as bad as last year's - except this year I condescended to use my built-in flash for many of the photos. I hate using the flash, but I also hate using ISO 1600 and still having to manually lighten every single photo because my parents still don't have enough lamps in the living room. Well, that is a lesson for everyone: Have enough lamps in your living room - at least enough light to appease your live-in photographer.

Oh yes. Old winter pictures. Here are a few for your delight.

03 December 2008


Taken a few hours into our journey back from Thanksgiving break....by this time we were still in northern Minnesota someplace...

I begged Johanna to stop driving so I could photograph this weathered fence!

Isn't it beautiful?