13 July 2007

a couple shots of the amazing sunset last night. anyone else see it, or take pictures? my entire house was bathed in pink light when i came home. after i grabbed my camera, justin and i went to holmes lake to watch it fade away.

07 July 2007

peru pictures!

i've done so many things with my Peru pictures, i hope i don't have to look at them for a very long time! it's a wonder i got around to putting any up here. well, i'm tired of looking at them, but you might not be, so feast your eyes now because there won't be any more on this blog. anyways, i am not going to recount the itinerary here so visit my regular blog if you want to know why we went where.

so. first we have a couple of shots from out the bus window between lima and huanuco.
these are the pictures from our journey to angasmarca from huanuco.

next, we have some general pictures from around huanuco. these are miscellaneous pictures; therefore, they are captioned.

the rosengrens had a large "room" for birds in their home. it was really neat. these are some of the finches that resided in the bird room.
some of the large-sized fruit we ate every day.

a pretty tree outside our hotel.

a hotel we visited for lunch one day.
no translation needed. this is near the outside market.
now, for lima. these pictures are from a very americanized mall, and around town in general. first we have a view of a very nice and beautiful part of town.
the ocean near the mall, and the soccer court on the beach. the entire group. the ocean is behind us, but it's invisible in this picture.
to complete the cultural experience, we ate at...
hiding amongst the plentiful alpaca blankets.

01 July 2007

the zoo trip

ever since justin and i were sorely disappointed by the "national aquarium" in washington d.c. a few weeks ago, we've wanted to visit the aquarium/zoo in omaha. and just like when we wanted to go play laser tag, we brought my two littlest sisters as a kind of cover for doing kid-like stuff. so the four of us visited henry doorly yesterday. here are a few of the pictures from the trip.

here are all four of us in the reflection on the granite sphere outside the desert dome.

three sisters! but i have to say the pink d.c. hat thing was totally unplanned.

here are some of the animals we saw:
and here we are trying to find out where we are...

you have to look closely here...see the giant gorilla handprint? rachel is in the picture for scale.
and here it is again. but then again, rachel's pretty small.

rachel playing in the waterfallit was a long day, but we had fun!