24 April 2007

some of my old, old photographs

a puddle outside my house

a leaf i found on my dewy windshield

oh, the blueberry picture. everyone makes fun of the blueberry picture. i just like the way the light is bent around, that's all.

a family feeding the ducks at holmes lake

some guy on a bus in the UK

a butterfly and some kind of sweet smelling white flower bush

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Anonymous said...

yay!!! i'm soooo excited about this new photo blog of yours. there's nothing i like more than to look at pictures that other people have taken. and i can't wait for summer so that i can take more pictures of my own!!

and i totally remember that bus picture. we were in ireland...and i was probably sick at that time...or maybe i wasn't sick quite yet...but i definitely was by the end of that bus ride!! ugh...horror of horrors...