06 June 2010

Mike & Jill! Engagement Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

I can hardly say how much I love sunset light. It makes people glow!

After months (seriously) of rescheduling this shoot because of poor weather, we finally made it out on a gorgeous weekend evening.  I guess it was worth the wait...the evenings don't come nicer than this! Mike and Jill are going to be married this August in Seward, and I'll also be shooting their wedding...so this was a great chance to get acquainted with each other a little bit before their big day. We visited a couple of places in Lincoln and quite perfectly ended with the sun going down. Almost like I planned it that way. ;) 

There was lots of kissing going on, since that seemed to be a very natural expression for Mike and Jill. They didn't want to run and squeal and bounce and jump around like some people do, but they instead demonstrated a simple, sincere affection that was very evident in this shoot. And, obviously, kissing=good photos. :) Okay, so I am somewhat of a closet romantic. Don't tell anyone...

That's all for now, but there are lots more photos to come soon, of many different events! Also, I am itching to show off my website...but it's not done yet and I have a TON of work to do before it's up and running! Should be at least a couple more weeks. I'll let you know for sure when it's ready. Thanks so much for looking at my photos.

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Kaylene said...

Gorgeous, Nikki.