01 July 2010

Michala's Senior Portraits in Lincoln, Nebraska - Class of 2011!

Some people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, and their personalities fizzle away when I need them the most. Other peoples' personalities naturally come out in front of a camera. Michala was definitely the natural sort! She posed herself almost intuitively, and clearly enjoyed being in front of the lens. You can really tell through the photos that she loved the shoot. As a result, her fun, sassy, and unafraid personality came through!  Which, of course, makes for a really fun and smooth session.

In other news, I'll be on vacation for a while, and when I return, I hope to take a break from the portraits on this blog to show you some photos from our trip. We are going a very long way, with many beautiful places to see. The real beauty will start in the Tetons and Yellowstone in Wyoming, then we're driving through Montana and Idaho and we'll be in Washington (Seattle and Olympic National Park) for a while; then take a quick look at Utah on the return. Yes, there will be lots of driving, and LOTS of photos. See you when I get back, and thank you as always for looking at my photography. :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, Nikki - we're looking forward to meeting with you. Have a safe and fun trip

Cait Wade said...

Love the one where she's standing in the grass with the guitar!