26 February 2011

winter loveliness

This week, Lincoln was graced with two separate snows.  The first storm was violent, sudden and windy -- blowing what felt like shattered glass into our faces and eyes as we leaned into it, hurrying to our cars and homes and workplaces.  The second snow day made each of us feel like we were living inside a snow globe.  Giant bits of fluff swirled from the sky in a slow, poetic descent, as if each flake danced to its own music.

Naturally, I chose the first day to go out shooting. If I'd known the second day would be like a fairy tale, I'd have waited. But noooo.  I spent a miserable half hour outside, my camera pathetically protected under a fabric grocery bag I'd found in my car (I was THAT prepared), and my glasses all watery and drippy. Not to mention I'd left my gloves at home, and my lens was alternately wet and foggy. Not great shooting circumstances. But I think it was worth it. Easy to say now, sitting here wrapped in a cozy wool blanket (the one Justin bought in Peru).

I've always loved photography that is abstract, or somewhat so. I love images that seem to change when you back up and look at them from a distance. And I love when everyone sees different things in an image, or has different opinions on how/why/where it was taken.  Here are my images of trees and snow.



I think the last one is my favorite. Thanks for looking!

p.s. hopefully my next blog post will be...VERY VERY different. You'll have to wait and find out what I mean! :)

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