18 March 2010

Not My Art!

I started "Not My Art" a long time ago, hoping it'd be a good way to show some love to fellow photographers.  I intended it to be a frequent feature, or at least some filler for the gloomy, uninspiring days when taking out my camera only highlights the depressing state of things. Well, the wintry days are all but over, but I still don't have much new material to put up.  Weddings and engagement sessions will soon be here, and they can't come too soon! I figured this'd be the perfect time to show off some other great artists and some of their work.  I picked a color combo and searched Etsy to my heart's content! I do hope you'll click on these beauties and maybe buy some art.  Because art from Kohls, well, just isn't.

First: a photograph (yes, it's a photograph) that's been in my Etsy Favorites for a while now.  I might buy it soon.  This artist, Frances Seward, takes all her photos using glass and light.  She has a truly amazing selection and they are all incredibly beautiful.  

Okay, because I can't pick just one...here's another favorite from Frances Seward.

Here is a print of a mixed-media collage.  I think it is so quirky and beautiful. And I love these colors.  This shop is full of whimsical, imaginative art.

Next we have a print of a painting.  This is a really fun store with lots of beautiful colors.  And all the images have great names!

Another beautiful photograph.  This shop is also full of gorgeous photos. I just love the colors of this one. 

Lastly: here's one of many beautiful and very affordable original Chinese brush paintings by Ren Adams.  I have four or five pieces from this artist myself, and if you've been to my house, you've seen a few of them above the kitchen table.  This shop is chock-full of very inexpensive originals.

Thanks for reading, and for supporting real artists.


Ren said...

Thank you so much for featuring my "trees in winter" painting.

The first image--moonrise, is absolutely enchanting. I love it.

Reetta Isotupa-Siltanen said...

Thank you for including my print to this lovely selection! Glad to know that you like my art! :)

Susan said...

Beautiful collection!

Susan said...
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Frances Photography said...

Thank you very much for featuring two of my pieces - MOONRISE and THE LIGHT SOURCE. Thank you Ren for your kind comments too!