09 August 2010

Mitchell & Sarah's Nebraska Prairie Wedding!

For a long time, I turned down wedding photography requests because I was completely terrified of shooting weddings. I have to credit Mitchell and Sarah, some good friends of ours, for being among first to insist that I could and should (and would) do their wedding photos. I was pretty anxious about it at first (and it really helped that there would be another photographer there), but I'm so glad they had the confidence to trust me with taking their wedding photos.  I think it was the push that helped me realize that I could really do this, and that I even really wanted to do it, and couldn't wait. So this was the second wedding I did (with Chris and Natalie's being the first). I've got four of them under my belt now, and am beginning to feel just a little bit "broken into" this whole experience.
Their ceremony was held on the Nebraska prairie at the end of May, and we had impeccable wedding weather.  Sarah even wore her grandmother's wedding gown from the 1940s! I was with the girls all morning, beginning with devotions on Sunday morning, then decorating the reception venue, and being with them through the whole preparation process. This is time reserved for closest friends and family, and it's truly a sacred time and space. What a privilege. It was really an honor to be there and be involved in this entire wedding weekend!

More weddings (and some babies, and a newly engaged couple) to come very soon! Thanks for looking! 

P.S. do you like my new blog style? it'll probably keep changing throughout the next couple of weeks (especially the header) but this is more or less the design it'll have.

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