17 August 2010

Sneak Peek: a gorgeous engagement session with Sonny and Anika near Lincoln, Nebraska

I don't usually do these 'sneak peek' type of posts, but I'm so excited about this shoot I have to share it!

Anika and Sonny are getting married in October! They don't live in Lincoln, but she found me over the internet and asked me to shoot their engagement photos during a brief period when both she and Sonny were in town. The only time that worked for all three of us was early last Saturday morning. With the help of a coworker I found a killer photo location just for the occasion, and although we weren't out as early as sunrise, we were definitely able to take advantage of some amazing light! This is pretty much my dream shoot: a beautiful, affectionate couple who's up for anything; an obscure and gorgeous place, and the perfect time of day with magical light.

One thing I love about photography is the chance to meet new people (and engagement sessions are the best...fun, romantic, no pressure). From the interactions I had with Anika through the shoot and the weeks leading up to it, I became convinced that she and I could be great friends.  Their wedding will be full of personal, artistic touches. She's an artist too, and it shows through her great taste, and also her inspired photo ideas! We both love sunny, warm, vintage-ey photos.  She has the same Scandinavian name as several of my Swedish and Norwegian ancestors. And she has an awesome little tattoo on her ankle that reads "grace" in Hebrew (also the meaning of her name). While I don't have a tattoo, we have both been truly "saved by grace," her words during the shoot, and that might be the most beautiful connection of all.

I'll talk a little more about Sonny and Anika in a later blog.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these two photos from our magnificent shoot. Thanks so much for looking!


Kaylene said...

These are SO gorgeous. Engagement shoots have proven to be my favorites as well.

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Thanks Kaylene. I just love these shoots. I think it brings out the closet romantic in me. :) Plus I've found that emotion and other dynamics are so much easier to bring out with two (or more) people in a shot, than just one!

Have an awesome time at the photo workshop!