14 September 2010

Renewal of Wedding Vows - my awesome parents!

I am so proud of my parents.  A couple of weeks ago they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary! In honor of their "27 on 27," they renewed their marriage promises to each other in a small, intimate ceremony.  A pastor from their church said a few words, and then everyone ate cake and fruit. It was simple and meaningful.  My parents are an amazing example of what marriage -- commitment, sacrifice, loyalty, love -- should, and can, be.  So here's to you, Mom and Dad - I've said it before, but I am SO thankful for the lessons you've taught us, just by living your lives.

They didn't exactly set aside a lot of time for photos, so I got them to 'pose' just a few minutes before the guests showed up. Don't I have great-looking parents?? My mom is just gorgeous...

The light was warm and low, and the weather was perfection. A beautiful evening it was! 

I'm so grateful for my parents! Thanks for looking, as always!

p.s. check out the new "like" button at the end/footer of each post! I'm pretty thrilled. My husband figured it out for me. It's safe to say I'm a little too happy about it...

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Joanna Clay said...


So glad I hopped on to your site via Twitter. I've been browsing and I'm so impressed, ma'am!

I love these 2 pics of your parents. What a lovely vow-renewal ceremony! I'm glad you caught their youthful smiles on camera ;-).

I look forward to seeing more. I'm thinking it would be fun to do a Mother/daughter photo session. . .