17 September 2010

Mike and Jill's Wedding Photos in Lincoln, Nebraska

You might recall seeing Mike and Jill's engagement photographs back in June! Well, they got married, as engaged folks tend to do these days, and I got to tag along the whole day (with my camera of course).  This couple was very sincere, and they made me feel like a good friend on their big day.

Hope it's acceptable to have so many clothing/accessory photos (more below)! Jill loved her gown, shoes, hairpiece, and jewelry, and asked me to photograph them all. Which I did, quite willingly! I adore these little detail shots. 

This beautiful little flower girl followed me around for a good part of the day. Never once did she smile, but she and I were buddies, so I got lots of photos of her.

On a slightly different topic...I can't say enough how engagement sessions help everyone out in these cases! Our "e-shoot" really gave Mike, Jill and I a great chance to get acquainted with each other. I was able to discover what they were comfortable with, how they related to one another, what their relationship looked like on a normal day...so many things that helped me capture their personalities on their big day.  I was able to chat with them about the style of their wedding (even though we'd already gone over that stuff in a meeting) and what each of them was looking forward to the most. Basically it set a great stage for things to go smoothly during the wedding day.  AND they knew that I didn't want them to look at the camera all the time, that I like to simply watch things happen, not make them happen.

So all that to say, if engagement photos aren't something you're too thrilled about doing, or you don't see the point, it's a really perfect way to get comfortable and relaxed with your photographer, and let them do the same with you.

Thanks again for looking! I really do appreciate it so much. 

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JoMo said...

Beautiful couple and the pictures are Wow! What a great memory for them. I love the mix of color with Black & White. Love your eye!