30 October 2010

Three Awesome Photo Books

Photographs are wonderful, aren't they? I sure think so. And I do think it's nice to have them on your computer, but it's even nicer to have them as real photographs, especially something like a book or album.  We all exist in a Facebook sort of world, where most images never become anything except pixels and data.  But when a set of photographs is presented in a tangible, physical way, those images become that much more meaningful and special.

So I've selected and designed three different (and awesome) ways to get your photos off the screen and into your hands: 3x3 Accordion Books, 5x5 Leather Lay Flat Press Books, and 10x10 Premium Lay Flat Albums.  These make really great gifts! Give me a call at 402-882-1066 if you're interested!

Oh, and if yours was one of the shoots featured in these designs...you can take 10% off any of the exact products below.

Click on photos to see them larger...

3x3 Accordion Books, $90 for three
Accordions are great little gifties, and they fit perfectly in a purse or pocket.

Details: Double sided foldout books, 3x3 when folded. Includes frosted nylon protective cases (not shown). The thick, sturdy covers are available with fabric covers in your choice of colors, or in smooth or metallic finish. The inner pages can have smooth, watercolor, pearl or linen finish (all these have linen paper with smooth covers).  Each accordion will use about ten photos.  You get three of the same books for $90. Three different designs are shown, but others are available - just ask!

I'll let the photos do the talking...

5x5 Leather Lay Flat Press Book, $85
This is a really special way to remember any shoot! Also makes a wonderful gift. Of course. :)

Details: press printed (see end of this blog for definition) for great color on a budget, genuine leather cover in your choice of colors. This price includes up to 12 spreads plus inner first and last pages. Additional spreads are $15. Pages are very sturdy and lay flat; a special hinging technique is used. There is a small "gutter" or space between pages on each spread.  Vellum inserts at front and back. The book shown contains about 20 photos.  Metallic text can be stamped on the cover for $10. Other album designs are available. 

 10x10 Premium Lay Flat Album, $330
The perfect wedding album. [Even if I wasn't your wedding photographer...]

Details: photographically printed (see end of blog for definition) for excellent clarity, saturation and intensity.  Sturdy pages with rounded corners. Custom photo cover is shown, but genuine leather is available for no extra charge, and in your choice of colors.  Choose metallic finish on the inner pages at additional cost. This price includes up to 14 spreads plus inner first and last pages; more spreads are available for $35 each.  Standard archival value of 100 years in normal home display; 200 years in dark storage.  Panoramic spreads have no "gutter" or space between pages (full coverage across both pages, see example below). Album shown contains about 40 photographs. Other album designs are available. 
[first page and black inside cover]

[panorama - full coverage across both pages]
[Press printing and photographic printing are very different things.  You can tell that something is press printed when you look close and see tiny little dots. This photographic printing, on the other hand, is done on silver halide paper, as though it were an actual photograph. The paper and images are of the highest quality: fine and clear detailing, beautifully saturated colors, and perfect clarity. Press printing is a more economical option.  All of my products are printed with high quality papers and inks .]

Again, give me a call (402-882-1066) if you're interested in having a book designed for you! (All of these would make really, truly, wonderful Christmas gifts...)

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