04 November 2010

Senior Photography - my little brother!

I'm so proud of my youngest brother Josh! He'll be graduating from high school next year. The same little brother who used to beg us to tie him to the piano (and then complain to Mom later).  He's a great basketball player and a truly kindhearted person. And he can quote basketball stats like nobody's business. So here's to you, Josh. I hope nobody ties you to pianos in college.


 And a few shots with Mom, who joined us partway through the shoot! I love these ones.

Thanks for reading, everyone! And remember, it's only, like, two weeks until Christmas, or something. Festivities!


dani said...

so sweet and love the ones with your mom!

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

Thanks Dani! My mom is pretty cute. :)