10 November 2010

the Francks! Outdoor Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

[Yep, we took a band photo.] 

Anyone else stunned by this beautiful November weather?  I really can't believe how mild and pleasant it's been -- for any month out of the year, especially weeks away from Thanksgiving! Fortunately, business thrives when the thermometer stays at a pleasant level - so I drove down to Pioneers Park about a hundred times last week (okay, maybe more like five?).  Every day has been simply gorgeous. I'm always awestruck by these gifts God gives us - beauty, warmth, spectacular sunsets.  All in all, it's been amazing photography weather!  The Franck family took advantage of one such gorgeous evening to have some family photos taken.  We were shooting during the Nebraska game, but fortunately, I was able to keep track of the score because every time there was a lull in the shooting, the guys would whip out their phones and update us all on Husker game statistics.  (Which is usually the way it goes!)

Rebekah, you have such a fun and beautiful family! Thank you for the privilege of taking these photos! :)

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