16 November 2010

"Preview" of the Lyon Family shoot!

I had a busy weekend last week, if you couldn't tell! The amazing weather has held out long enough to get a good number of photo shoots in.  Justin and I know Josh and Amy Lyon, and their adorable kids Max and Ruby, from the little white church we all attend.  I really had my work cut out for me, choosing photographs for this blog...it was an impossible task, because they are such a precious family, and their happiness and love really is evident in every photo. That's why it was hard to call this a "preview"...I should just link to the full gallery! (Thanks, Josh and Amy, for having me take these photos - it was a lot of fun!)

[Click on any photo to see it LARGER.]

(Isn't she gorgeous?? I love this one.)

 Thanks to every one of you for reading and looking. Really, thank you! I am honored that you take the time to see the work I've done lately!  I can't even convey how much I love being a photographer...it is like I am more alive than ever. :)

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heather said...

So Super Cute! I love the yellow jacket on you. Glad I have all these IKEA frames to frame my sweet sister and her family with! Oh can you get me one of those suckers? Emily would really like one