03 February 2011

Couples Shoot with Parker and Lisa - Portrait Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

When my brother-in-law Parker brought his girlfriend Lisa to Lincoln for a few days to Meet The Family, I jumped at the chance to take them out for a photo session with my new camera and lenses. They were kind enough to subject themselves to my whims for a couple of hours.  I was so very happy with the way these turned out. (I am loving my new glass and camera too!)

Oh...can you guess which photos were taken in a PUBLIC BATHROOM?? (Bonus points if you know where the bathroom is!)


Thanks so much for looking! I have an engagement shoot this weekend and although I know it's supposed to warm up a bit...my fingers are getting cold just thinking about it. Oh wait, that's because our office has a drafty window and we put the computer right by the window. Still, I am a huge wuss when it comes to winter outdoor shooting, even though outdoor winter shoots can be hugely successful and beautiful! Wish me luck!

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Cait Wade said...

Some of these came out beautifully, what a cute couple! My favorite is the 5th down from the top. Lovely!

Good luck on your Wintery shoot- try some convertible fingerless gloves, they seem to help. :)