17 December 2010

Tips for Successful Cold-Weather Portrait Shoots - Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

Maybe you're thinking that since winter's here, you have to wait until spring to have your portraits done.  This is not the case! We have lots of choices! First of all, we can take photos indoors, like at your home -- which often works better for small children. (I'll be writing about home photos sometime soon!) But I don't think we should discount winter outdoor photography either! (Not to mention I always love shooting outside the best.)  It does have its challenges, but as long as we have a plan, we can have a really beautiful and unique shoot. 

Here are some things to consider if you're considering having outdoor portraits taken this winter...or if you thought it could never work!

  • Winter scenery can look drab and dull. So brighten up the scene with rich, vibrant colors. If you're afraid of color overdose, choose a vivid scarf, coat or hat for little pops of color, and keep your main pieces neutral.
  • I can help you choose fun winter activities that will make great photographic opportunities: playing in the snow, sledding, building a snowman/snow fort, playing with the dog, ice skating, snowball fights, even a downtown walk...any of these would make an beautiful, energetic, fun, low-stress shoot. Activities help kids and adults alike stay warm and keep their minds off the cold. 
  • Be prepared to have fewer 'posed' traditional portraits, and an emphasis on natural, spontaneous personality!
  • I won't worry about props. Winter photos kind of already have their own 'themes' built-in...props will probably be overkill.  But I'm all for creative and unusual ideas too, and I am up for anything -- so if you have ideas, shoot 'em at me!
  • This mostly goes without saying, but...bundle up. Especially your hands and feet. You don't want to be shivering and frigid - that won't make attractive portraits!
  • Choose jackets and winter accessories that keep figures relatively slim. A cropped, fitted blazer-style coat is probably a better choice than a puffer/ski coat. Slim jeans and tall boots look great (keep you from looking like a barrel!). A loosely falling scarf will add movement.
  • I'll generally schedule shorter sessions to begin with. Or we can split up our time between indoor and outdoor photos. This works great if we're near your home anyways - we can head inside and take some photos of cocoa, marshmallows, rosy cheeks and noses!
  • Even if we're not right by your home, we can try to choose a location with a nearby indoor area, so we can go thaw out every once in a while, if need be.
  • If you're concerned about staying warm in a remote area, you could also have someone come along and keep your vehicle warm! How nice! (Hope you don't mind if I hop in.)
  • I know it's generally warmer in the early afternoon, but the best light is usually just before sunset. Regardless of the season, I always encourage evening photographs if possible when we're planning to be outside.
  • Just a little tip...if you wear glasses, bring a little microfiber cloth to wipe off any fog that may condense on them especially as we go back inside. (I always have cloths with me too, for my lenses.)
  • Of course, it will help to have some flexibility on your part to reschedule the shoot, in case of horribly inclement weather. We'll just choose a clear-looking day.
  • We'll have some blankets, stools or other things to sit on, if you want sitting photos without the accompanying wet bums. A couple of white plastic grocery bags will do the trick, and be relatively invisible.
So the bottom line is, cold weather doesn't have to mean no photos till spring! Give me a call and we will get out there and make some amazing photographs. :) As always, thank you SO much for reading!

p.s. You might've noticed that the blog has changed a little bit...and it'll change again in the coming months. Next time, the change will be quite a dramatic improvement! Can't wait to show you!

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