03 December 2010

The Johnson's Christmas Card Design - Family Photography in Lincoln, Nebraska

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the (very photogenic) Johnson family! Diane is a coworker of mine and a great friend as well. I'm planning to get some of their family photos up in a post of their own, but for now I wanted to show you the card I designed for them.

Diane had the idea to incorporate some barbed wire. We took this photo in front of a feed yard full of cows cattle heifers so it the rustic/ranch feel was very appropriate! She wanted a one-sided design, in the 4x8 size, so people could cut off the greeting if they wanted, and have a regular print of the family! I designed the card from scratch, and she will be ordering/printing it at a site of her choosing.

So...it's not too late for Christmas cards! ;)  If you've already had a family shoot this year, I can whip something up for you too, in just a couple of days!  You can also check out a few designs, and some super fancy cards, here at my blog about Christmas Cards.  And if you're a little behind...people like to get New Years' cards too. :)

I promise soon I'll share the rest of the Johnson family shoot! For now, though...Justin and I are off this weekend to cheer for the Huskers in the Big XII Championship game! (Go Big Red!)

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